Would you like to find your soul mate—that compatible love partner who makes your heart sing with joy? Now you can with the help of our illustrious guest on Love University, Arielle Ford. Formerly America’s top publicist, launching the careers of Deepak Chopra and the Chicken Soup for the Soul guys among others, she had an amazing realization at age 43: She was single and wanted a soul mate. Utilizing the law of attraction to find her own wonderful husband, Brian, Arielle moved from publicity matching to soul mate matching as a bestselling author and teacher. Here are some of the powerful tips we learned from Arielle that you can use to find your own soul mate.


*Use Feelingizations to Attract Your Soul Mate: It’s important to add feelings when you visualize or meditate on your soul mate. Light some candles, play some soft music, and visualize that you are extending love to the world, and to your prospective soul mate. See him or her as already being in your life as your experience joy, gratitude, and love. When you add feelings to your visualization about your soul mate you unleash a powerful magnetic force that will attract him or her to you.


Prepare for Your Soul Mate/Clean Out The Negative Past: Prepare for your soul mate by cleaning out self-doubts (“I’m too fat, too old, too unattractive to find love”), as well as negative energies about past relationships. Write down and repeat your positive traits (funny, smart, loyal, loving). Visualize that your exes are vanishing from your life (like popped balloons), create a treasure map in which you post pictures about the incredible life you are having with your soul mate, and clean out your house of negative energies from your past relationships (imagine sweeping out the negative energies with a broom). Buy extra blankets or sheets for your soon-arriving love partner, leave room in your garage for an extra car to park (your soul mate’s), and buy a bathrobe for your soul mate (male or female). Once you leave a space for your soul mate to come, he or she will arrive.


‘Live “As If” You Already Had Your Soul Mate: A single man was invited to a wedding and he replied with a “plus one.” Although he didn’t have a date, he visualized that he was attending with his soul mate, and soon thereafter, he met her in person. Live in gratefulness as if you already have your soul mate in your life. Buy two tickets to a great event (anticipating your soul mate joining you), write them a beautiful card they will receive when you meet them, and so on. You are sending out a message to the Universe: “I am ready for my soul mate—they are here now by my side.”


Savor the Waiting: Instead of growing impatient and frustrated that your soul mate is not here yet, think of being in a wonderful restaurant waiting for the delicious food you love. You would wait in anticipation as you think about all of the mouthwatering food you will eat. In the same way, think of the waiting period for love as a savoring time in which you look forward to meeting your soul mate on the physical plane while enjoying the last period of time of your singlehood. Enjoy your single freedom while you have it as you anticipate transitioning to a beautiful life of couple love.


Open Your Mind to Frequencies of Love: Many singles are too picky and judgmental potential romantic partners—deciding within a few minutes if they want to continue dating someone. Usually, it takes various encounters to know if this person could be your soul mate, so it’s important that you don’t immediately reject someone after a brief meeting. At the same time, when you’re out in the social world, don’t just think of meeting a soul mate; consider that you may meet different people in your life for different reasons: the funny friend, the advice friend, the activities friend. Although they may not be your soul mate, your friendship with them may open you up to meeting the love of your life. Perhaps, you meet your soul mate through your friend (their friend or family member), or when you’re out with your platonic friend doing some enjoyable activity. Be open to expressing fun and loving energy in many forms with different people and your soul mate will manifest themselves when you least expect them.


Remember that finding a soul mate is a two-part process: Action and Surrender. One, you go out and take action steps to meet your soul mate—clean out your negative energies, visualize your soul mate’s presence in your life, participate in social activities, make new friends. At the same time, you relax and surrender your desire for a soul mate to a higher nature—God, universe, destiny. You have faith and belief that the right person will come into your life when the time is right.

Finally, when you create a true soul mate partnership, it can last even beyond life and death—as many beautiful stories have been told of departed partners who still speak to their soulmate on earth (and reunite with them in another realm).


Here’s the good news: If you have the seed of soul mate love within you, you can attract the love of your life and create a light-filled relationship that fulfills your destiny and makes a positive contribution to the world.


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