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You have a tremendous power near your navel. It is called the Hara. In Eastern philosophy and martial arts, the Hara is the physical point that exists two inches below your navel. When a martial artist is centered in their Hara, they cannot be pushed or pulled by another person, no matter how strong the other individual is. They have tremendous one-point focus. In today’s Love University Podcast, you will learn how to apply the power of the Hara—one point focus—to maintain your mental balance and actualize your dreams.  Here’s what you can do:

*Ask yourself: What’s the most important thing I need to do today that would make everything else unnecessary?  By narrowing your focus to your ultimate goal for the day—family, health, spiritual development, creativity—everything else will tend to fall into place. When you do the most important thing first, you will find that you have enough time and energy to take care of the practical and mundane aspects of life.

*Redirect your Distractions:  Distractions fill your world—technology, people, things to do, your own thoughts.  To maintain a one-point focus, you need to be aware of, and eliminate, distractions.  In a pad or notebook, write down all the things that distract you and drain your energy on a daily basis, whether it’s social media, needless texts, or negative news. Also, write down how you feel when you participate in the distracting activity (sad, worried, stressed). Now, redirect your attention and focus to the things that really matter and make a positive difference in your life—career/work, family, spiritual and physical health, and improving your state of mind. When you do this, you will be more focused, peaceful and powerful.

*Practice the Million Mile Palm:  In this exercise, you will stand with your right foot in front, and feet shoulder length apart. You will inhale deeply and bring your right palm up to your face (palm facing to the left). Now imagine that there is a solid brick next to your face that represents the most serious problem or obstacle that stands in the way to achieving your ultimate goal. Perhaps, you see the barrier as being a lack of money, ability, education, and so forth. Next, as you exhale, quickly and explosively extend your palm straight out as far as you can reach as if you were pushing through the brick, one million miles into the distance. As you do this, visualize that you have already accomplished your goal, whether it’s a great relationship, amazing job, impeccable health, or sterling financial/career success.. Rejoice. You have broken through the mental barrier that has kept you from fulfilling your dream by going one million miles beyond it.

It's true. With practice and perseverance, you can develop the pure power of unadulterated one-point Hara focus.  With an inalterable focus and disciplined mind, you will blast beyond the barriers and obstacles of life to reach your ultimate destination: Love, success, and happiness.



Do you feel as if time is always running out, as if you’re constantly rushed?  There is a remarkable remedy. It is called Patience—the art of taking life slow and easy and waiting for good things to come to you. With patience, you can accomplish more in less time, while being relaxed, at peace, and content. Here are some of the patience secrets we learned on Love University podcast this week:


*Hang around with patient people.  Spend time with individuals who are patient and relaxed. For example, be around wise, elderly individuals, or those who take the time to help others.  When you're around patient people, you can “catch” their patient energy. You will adopt their relaxed, easy-going approach to life, and you will achieve better results in the long run.

*Let go until you feel underwhelmed.  Decrease your activities until you feel  there is nothing particularly important for you to do. Take an hour, several hours, or even a day to do absolutely nothing important or urgent. Cancel or postpone activities until you feel restless. In reality, you’re not wasting time, but you’re conserving your energy for the truly important things: being creative, spending time with your loved ones, and taking care of your emotional and physical health.

*Use imagination to increase your patience.  Researchers have found that imagination can increase your patience without needing to rely on increased willpower. For example, if you’re single, you can imagine what your soul mate will look like and be like, and how you will feel in their presence. When you do this, you will have the motivation and patience to wait for the right person to come into your life.

*Choose the longer line.  Intentionally put yourself in situations where you have to wait.  For example, choose the longer line at the store. Although the impatient part of your mind may scream at you to keep moving, you can develop your patience muscles in this way. As you wait in the longer line, you can learn something about yourself and others. You can observe other people, as well as your own thoughts and emotions.  You may even start a conversation in line and make a new friend or gain valuable information.  As you do this, you will realize that there are many benefits to being patient.


With patience, you realize that you have a greater purpose in life—to love and be loved. As a result, minor conveniences, annoyances, and delays no longer bother you. Also, you enjoy a great paradox when you are patient: You actually achieve faster and better results.  Because you take your time, you won’t rush and make mistakes that you later have to correct. With patience, you can build your mental mansion of joy and success as you enjoy peace and serenity, every step of the way.  


Is life getting you down? Do you feel overwhelmed, sad, or anxious about the future? If so, then there’s a great solution for you. Our marvelous guest on Love University Podcast, Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D., happiness expert extraordinaire (Uplifted, 2022), shared her recipe for living an uplifted, peaceful, and joyful life.  Here’s what we learned:

*Practice the Golden Rule without guarantees.  When you treat others the way you would like to be treated, you are practicing the Golden Rule. When you are kind and giving to others without expecting anything in return, you are offering unconditional love to the world. By doing this, the universe will return the favor in amazing ways by giving you the people, resources, and opportunities that will light up your life.

*Treat your mind like a garden.  Susan tells us that our minds are like gardens where we plant our thought seeds. In life, it’s true that we can control three major things: What we eat, how we move (exercise), and what we think. Therefore, if you want a beautiful mental garden filled with flowers of compassion, love, and goodness, then you need to plant those thought seeds in your mind first (think positive and loving thoughts).

*Look for meaningful coincidences. In her life, Susan has many stories of being open to meeting new people and experiencing amazing and uplifting coincidences. In one case, Susan was having a nature outing, and she randomly met a crying, depressed woman. She stopped to give her advice and recommended that she stay at Susan’s favorite bed and breakfast in England (the woman had always wanted to go to England).  Before long, the crying lady went to England and met the owner, who turned out to be a brother whom she had never met (she was adopted). As a result, they began a beautiful family relationship, and Susan was overjoyed that she could help.  The message: Be on the lookout for chance meetings and random occurrences that can transform your life.

*Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.  When you want something very much, don’t just think about it. Ask yourself what you would feel (happy, excited) if you had what you desired (love, career success). Then, go around with that feeling in your heart, and chances are, you will attract the very person, thing, or circumstance you desire.

*Speak kindly—you may have to eat your words.  Susan gives us very valuable advice:  You never know when your words may come back to you; therefore,  always speak kindly and lovingly to others. If you are rude and critical to others, they will probably be the same way toward you (or they will secretly resent you). But, if you speak with kindness and encouragement, you will create more harmonious and positive relationships. 

*Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” ask “Why is this happening for me?”   Susan advises us to stop playing the victim role. Although you may have, in reality, suffered or have been a victim, you can choose to move on from your pain and go in a positive direction with what you have learned.  The good news is that every door that closes opens a new door to possibility, hope, and love.  Be open to learning from your past and growing into a wonderful new future.

Susan concludes with a simple truth: Love is the ultimate force in the Universe. Tap into it and you will achieve your fullest potential. When you love yourself, you become stronger, and you can love others more.  When you love a Higher Nature (God, spirit, nature), you will receive the faith power to be optimistic and resilient when things get tough. Because you know that the Higher Nature is guiding you and wants the best for you, you will feel confident, peaceful, and secure. And, finally, Susan concludes, “Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.”  There is nothing more beautiful than a world of laughing and joyous people who see the beauty and wonder of life.  Laugh and you will uplift yourself and the world.


On our recent Love University episode, we welcomed back (via flashbacks) our beloved former producer, Reggie.  Reggie first came to us as an autistic, college-educated young man who was shy and had terrible luck with women. Nearly thirty, and never having a relationship with a woman, Reggie received dating advice from our Love University faculty of world-renowned matchmakers and love experts. Over the course of four years with the show, Reggie gained confidence in his dating and relationship skills, and is now on his way to finding the love of his life. In this retrospective, we pay honor to Reggie, and send him loving energy for an amazing future of love and happiness.  Bon Voyage, Reggie, may your love be deep and your happiness everlasting.


Would you like to have amazing health and a wonderful body? On our Love University podcast, we learned how to live long and healthy. The key is to treat your body like a temple—respecting it, taking care of it, and recognizing its psychological and spiritual value in your life.  Here’s what you can do to create an wonderful, strong, and amazing body:

*Do fitness that fits you: Find an exercise practice that motivates you, whether it’s weightlifting, dance, running, martial arts, or the like. When you do an exercise you enjoy, you are more likely to continue doing it, and you will get in better shape. 

*Reward Yourself: Give yourself a reward whenever you hit an exercise goal (a certain amount of weight lifted or aerobic time), or a diet milestone (cut down on fatty foods; increase vegetables). Maybe you will buy yourself a new outfit, get a new CD, book, or DVD; or you will treat yourself to a massage or social outing. When you reinforce yourself for reaching your exercise and diet goals, you will feel more motivated to continue setting even higher goals for yourself.

*Commit to love your body as an instrument of the Higher Nature. Your body is your greatest physical treasure. Every day when you wake up, say to yourself,  “I am grateful for you, my body. I will do everything I can to make you healthy, to increase your energy and power, and to use you for good while I’m here on earth. I love you, my body. You are my great friend. You belong to me for all of the wonderful purposes I desire, for all of the enjoyments I can experience, and for all of the contributions I can make to the world while I still have you. Thank you, body, for all you have given me.”

 Honor Your Body Temple: Your Instrument of Peace, Love, and Joy

When you see your body as a sacred and loving instrument of the Higher Nature, your perspective on health and fitness will change. Where before, you may have stuffed yourself with food or harmful substances, neglected your exercise and sleep, and mistreated your body, now you know better. You begin to realize what a marvelous gift your body is. You recognize all of the amazing things that you can accomplish while you’re still in your body. You appreciate your body’s ability to experience, learn, grow, contribute, and love. 

To keep your body strong and healthy, make sure you get enough exercise and maintain a healthy diet and adequate sleep. Also, participate in stress-reduction activities such as meditation, spiritual practice, leisure activities, and time spent with loved ones. When you do these things, you will help your body develop immunity to disease. You will enjoy your fullest longevity, and you will actualize your greatest emotional and spiritual potential. Always remember: Your body is your temple for excellence, love, and joy. Protect it, honor it, take care of it, and use it for your maximum higher purpose, every day of your life.


Are you a sapiophile—someone who is attracted to intelligence in a prospective mate? If so, the Knowledge Seeker could be the ideal match for you. On Love University, we discussed the GuyType (personality style) known as the Knowledge Seeker—the intellectual type of person who has a strong intuition and logic.  If you’re interested in being with a Knowledge Seeker, here’s what you need to know to win their heart:

*Be competitive with them. Knowledge Seekers like to compete. Engage them in a stimulating game of chess, poker, or word game.  Let them know you’re up for the intellectual challenge and they will be attracted to you.

*Develop a taste for sarcasm.  They often enjoy sarcastic humor. If you’re a more feeling type, don’t take it personally when they say sarcastic things to you. See the humor in what they’re saying and realize that your witty companion likes to play with words and it’s not an attack against you.

*Demonstrate your competence. Knowledge Seekers value smart and competent people. They can’t stand incompetence. Show off your talents, brag about your accomplishments, showcase your education or awards.  Although other types may be turned off by too much prideful boasting, the Knowledge Seeker will respect and admire you for your successes and abilities.

*Put on your debate hat.  This personality type loves to argue and debate in an intellectual and emotionally detached way.  Debate them on the latest hot and controversial topics involving politics, religion, sex, technology, law, and finance. Don’t worry about things getting heated—they love a back and forth debate on the issues as an intellectual exercise.

*Don’t overwhelm them with touchy feely stuff.  Most Knowledge Seekers are not overly emotional. Although they can logically understand feelings, they don’t want to be smothered by them. If you’re a feeler yourself (you make decisions based on your emotions), then learn how not to take things personally with the Knowledge Seeker.  Save your feelings for your priest or shrink (or your best girlfriend).  With the Knowledge Seeker, keep it mainly objective and logical and you’ll get along just fine.

The Knowledge Seeker may not for everyone. If you’re a Knowledge Seeker yourself (high in Intuition and Thinking), then they are probably your best love match. If you’re more of a feeling personality, a relationship with them can be more of a challenge—you can be hurt by their sharp criticisms, and they can be feel flooded by your emotional side. Yet, if you’re a Feeler, you can still make it work with a Knowledge Seeker (you can balance each other), provided that you respect each other’s style. Ideally, however, you would do well with a Knowledge Seeker if you’re one yourself.  It’s true that when the Knowledge Seeker is your mate, you will be with a marvelously interesting partner who can solve the puzzles of the universe and motivate you to find your own inner genius.


Would you like to find a soul mate who is intuitive, sensitive, romantic, and wants to find the meaning in life? If so, then your ideal match may be the Meaning Seeker—a unique personality type that loves psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the arts, and finding the meaning in life. On Love University Podcast, we discussed the unique characteristics of this Meaning Seeker GuyType (romantic personality style), as well as where to meet them, how to win their heart, and how to have a great, long-term relationship with them. Here's what we learned:


1. Go Where the Meaning Is:  To meet a Meaning Seeker, get involved in online or offline groups that revolve around psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the arts, and humanitarian/philanthropic ventures. The Meaning Seeker wants to make a difference in the world, and you can help them do just that if the two of you unite your missions and values.


2. Communicate with words of meaning and feeling.  Meaning Seekers are hopeful romantics. They appreciate words of endearment like “Honey” and “Sweetheart,” as well as true gifts of appreciation (a handwritten note or poem).  They also like to discuss deep, philosophical topics such as life after death, intelligent beings in others universes, and how to bring more love and compassion to the world.


3. Express yourself through spirituality. Meaning Seekers are often spiritual or religious individuals who want to understand the purpose of life and bring their talents to fruition to help the world.  Pray, meditate, and take spiritual workshops with your Meaning Seeker Soul Mate.  Help each other achieve the fullest potential and you will have a happy and loving relationship.


The Meaning Seeker (intuitive and feeling) can be the best mate for you. Always striving for growth, improvement and intimacy, they are excellent mates and spouses. Start today and express your authenticity and love toward others and the world, and you may soon find yourself with the Meaning Seeker love of your life.


Have you ever thought about expanding your consciousness—thinking beyond yourself?  In the popular movie, Limitless, a man who was struggling in life takes a pill that expands his cognitive abilities beyond anything he dreamed of, giving him great powers. Our fascinating guest on Love University, Dr. Jahan Khamsehzadeh enlightened us on the use of “magic mushrooms” (hallucinogenic) to achieve enlightenment and higher consciousness.  According to Dr. Jahan, Psilocybin (the psychedelic compound in the mushrooms) has been used for thousands of years by native cultures to achieve higher understanding. On our program, Dr. Jahan discussed ways for the average person to achieve enlightenment and reduce suffering by using Psilocybin in medically and legally accepted ways.  Here are some of the interesting findings he shared with us:

*Psilocybin has medical and therapeutic benefits.  In studies at John Hopkins and other research centers, Psilocybin has been found to reduce depression, death anxiety, and the urge to smoke (80% of Psilocybin users quit versus only 15-30% using other methods). Moreover, Psilocybin is currently being studied to determine its effects on improving other psychological disorders such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Anxiety Disorders.

*Psilocybin may elevate consciousness, understanding, and self-acceptance, According to Dr. Jahan, psilocybin can increase a sense of openness and connection in a person’s mind, while diminishing self-consciousness (“What’s going to happen to me?”). As a result, an individual who uses Psilocybin in measured doses (even small doses known as microdosing), can be more creative, positive, and balanced. They are less fearful of the future and can experience a sense of unity and love within themselves, others, and the Universe.

*Psilocybin needs to be used under proper guidance and in adherence to local laws and accepted medical practices.   It's important to recognize the legal and medical limitations to Psilocybin use. Currently Psilocybin can be legally used in certain research settings, and Oregon is the first state to pass a law that will establish a framework for Psilocybin use (some countries may also permit legal use).  Moreover, according to Dr. Jahan, Psilocybin is not a substitute for therapy, spiritual practice, or other prescribed medications.  Moreover, psilocybin use may pose risks for certain individuals with traumatic memories as well as those who have cardiovascular issues and other medical conditions.  

Although the use of Psilocybin for therapeutic use in the US currently has legal limitations, and research is still ongoing as to its benefits and risks, there is growing research to indicate that it can provide certain life-changing therapeutic and medical advantages.  Although we’ve made a lot of progress in studying the human brain, there is still a lot we don’t know. It is an intriguing possibility that the use of ancient healing and transformative methods like the magic mushroom can give us insight on how to transcend our everyday consciousness and achieve greater joy, health, and love.




Are you an Introvert or an Extravert?  Your social energy style can determine a lot about you and your best match in a long-term relationship. Introverts primarily like to get energy from their own thoughts and enjoy spending quiet, private time alone or with a few close friends. Extraverts primarily like to get energy from other people in social settings; they often have a lot of friends and acquaintances and love to socialize. On Love University Podcast, we talked about my book, GuyTypes, and explored the unique worlds of Introverts and Extraverts in love and relationships. Here’s what you need to know to have a great relationship, whether you’re an Introvert or an Extravert:

*Determine Your Social Energy Style (Introvert/Extravert).  Before you seek a love partner, it’s important that you know yourself first.  To determine your Social Energy Style (Introvert/Extravert), ask yourself the “Fun Question”: What do you like to do for fun in your spare time? If you like to spend a lot of time reading, writing, thinking, listening to music, meditating, surfing the net, watching TV, or doing a hobby by yourself, then you’re likely an Introvert. You make up about 50.7% of the population—and are drawn to more introspective careers like engineering, science, research psychology, writing, accounting, and certain types of law. If you’re an Extravert, you make up about 49.3% of  the population, and you like to spend a majority of your time in the outside world and with other people in social settings. You enjoy parties, social gatherings, networking, live music venues, comedy clubs, concerts, and spending time with your many friends and acquaintances. You are drawn to fields such as sales, teaching, politics, acting/entertainment, and human relations.

*Appreciate Your Social Energy Style. Before you can love others, you need to love yourself. If you’re an Introvert, make sure you appreciate that you are an internal person who can come up with great ideas. You’re also a good listener, empathetic, and loyal (you like to settle in with the person you’re with). As an Extravert, you can be grateful for your abundant social energy and ability to communicate and connect with others. You are a lively, vivacious, and charismatic mate who brings fun and adventure to your partner’s life.  Regardless of whether you’re an Introvert or an Extravert, make sure you embrace and love your Social Energy style. If you do so, you will be happier with yourself and your love partner. 

*Identify your ideal mate’s social energy style: Once you know and embrace your own Social Energy Style, ask the “Fun Question” to determine the type of the person who is the best match for you. Research shows that similarities in this personality dimension (two Introverts or two Extraverts) do well together in long-term relationships. For example, an Introvert couple can enjoy their nights at home or with a few close friends. They tend to have a quiet, calm, and loving relationship. Also, two Extraverts in a relationship can be great love and business partners, as they excel at human interaction, networking, and marketing. Their time together can be a never-ending party of fun social times with the people they care about.

One of the keys to a successful relationship is to respect your partner’s personality type. This is especially important if you’re in an opposites attract relationship; for example, an Introvert with an Extravert. If you’re an Introvert, you can respect your Extravert’s need to go out and connect with people without taking it personally (“You don’t love me”). If you’re an Extravert, you can appreciate your Introvert’s calming nature and their desire to spend time with you at home. In the end, compatible love is based on appreciation, respect, and mutual goals.  If you can blend your strengths with your partner’s natural abilities, you will have a great relationship that stands the test of time.



Do you have hidden genius? Although genius has various definitions,  it’s true that there are untapped areas of your mind that you can access to achieve better results and happiness in life. On Love University podcast, we had the pleasure of having as our guest, Dr. Timothy Wilson, award-winning social psychologist and pioneer in the fields of adaptive unconscious (Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious: Wilson, Timothy D.: 8601404753879: Books - Amazon) and self-knowledge (Redirect: Changing the Stories We Live By: Wilson, Timothy D., Gilbert, Daniel: 8806391102055: Books: ). On the show, he enlightened us on new research into the amazing abilities of our brain and how we can access these higher order connections. Here’s what we learned:


*Become Friends With Your Adaptive Unconscious. The Adaptive Unconscious is the quick thinking, effortless, unconscious part of your mind that interprets information and helps guide you through life without you realizing it. Malcom Gladwell calls it “Thin Slicing”—your mind’s ability to come up with generally accurate findings and conclusions based on a small amount of information in a short period of time. Some people call it “gut instinct,” or “intuition.”  To tap into your Adaptive Unconscious, observe your own behavior so you can determine what you’re really thinking or feeling inside (Are you helping someone because you want to feel better than them, or because you genuinely like them?).  When you are aware of how the Adaptive Unconscious works, you will make better and quicker decisions, you will be more accurate in your assessments of yourself and others, and you will live in a more positive and self-enhancing way.

*Redirect your inner stories. Your narrative or inner story is what you believe about yourself. It is your internal script and self-concept; what you tell yourself about yourself and life. Do you have a Money Scarcity Story (“Money doesn’t grow on trees”) or a Wealth Story (“I can gain more riches—material, emotional, and spiritual—every day”)?  Your story shapes your thoughts, feelings, actions, and ultimately your life. If you have a negative or self-defeating story playing in your head, here are some ways Dr. Wilson suggests you can change, or redirect your story, to a more positive one.


  There are three ways to do this:

  1. Step back and ask Why? In this exercise you will recall an upsetting event and see yourself as a “fly on the wall”—standing a good distance from the situation to observe it. When you do this, you will see the event from a bigger perspective and you will ask yourself, “Why did I feel like I did at the time.” Perhaps, you felt insecure that your lover would leave you so you reacted with unreasonable jealousy and anger (you lost the relationship). Now that you see that, you can forgive yourself, and move to a place of harmony and healing.


  1. Imagine Your Best Possible Self. Imagine your best possible self and life in the future. See what you will look like, what you will be doing, who will be around you, and how you will feel 5 or 10 years into the future. Then, ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Maybe you took a certain career path, became involved in certain preferred activities, and met great people, including a wonderful romantic partner. By focusing on how you did it, you will have a clear roadmap to how to achieve your future success and happiness.
  2. Do Good, Be good. One of the interesting paradoxes in life is that you can change your feelings and thoughts by doing certain actions. If you act like a good and loving person—give to the needy, volunteer to help others—you will start to feel like a quality and loving person. This will, in turn, motivate you to be more giving and helpful—thereby creating a positive feedback loop of positivity and contribution


Yes, it is possible to tap into hidden aspects of your mind to accelerate your success and well-being.  As Dr. Wilson’s research indicates, you can transform your life by becoming aware of how your Adaptive Unconscious works, and by redirecting your inner stories/narrative to positive, uplifting ones that enable you to live your best life possible. At the end of the day, happiness boils down to 3 universal truths: Know yourself, Love Yourself, and Help Others. If you do this, you can begin to actualize your fullest potential and enjoy a life of joy, love, and contribution.




Are you the type of person who loves fun, excitement, and adventure? If so, you may be the unique personality known as the Excitement Seeker—someone who is spontaneous and enjoys the sensory pleasures of life. If this sounds like you, then it’s important that you understand how to maximize your personality strengths, as we discussed on our latest edition of Love University Podcast. Here are some tips to upgrade your life in love and success:


*Don’t be too generous too soon.  Because you are usually an optimistic person, you believe that there is “always more where that came from,” whether it’s money, people, resources, time, and the like. As a result, you may be too generous when you first meet someone, especially in a romantic context. You may overgive with presents, time, energy, and attention. It’s a good idea to control your tendency to give too much at the beginning because it may overwhelm people and make them doubt your sincerity. Instead, give in a measured way as you observe how the other person reacts (and reciprocates in return).


*Don’t make promises you can’t keep: Because you’re often excited and enthusiastic when meeting new individuals, you may overstate or exaggerate your ability to do certain things (“I can get you that new job” or “This investment idea will make you millions”). Watch your words carefully and only promise what you can actually deliver so that others will maintain faith and confidence in you.


*Don’t immediately dismiss a “boring” person. You’re the type of person who likes to joke, laugh, and have a lot of fun. When you first meet a new person, you may judge them on your high “fun” standard. However, they may often fall short, especially if they are one of the more serious Introverted types. However, that quiet, “boring” person may be the ideal for you in a romantic relationship, friendship, or business partnership. They could be the Yin to your Yang; the water to your fire—the individual who can bring balance and harmony into your life. Give them the benefit of the doubt and get to know them.


*Focus your energies on one person or goal at a time: As an Excitement Seeker, you may have a tendency to have too many things going at once. You may date several people or get involved in various money-making ventures at the same time—consequently spreading yourself too thin. Instead, concentrate on spending the most time with the person you really like, and working on the project that excites your passion the most. If you do this, you will achieve much better results, and you will be more content in the long run.


If you’re an Excitement Seeker, you have a lot of fun, excitement, pizzazz, and charisma to contribute to the world. When you meet new people, dazzle them with your fun and spontaneous nature, but also make sure you temper your enthusiasm with practicality and prudent observation. When you do that, you will have the best of both worlds—spontaneity and planning, fun and serious intent. Now the world will truly be at your feet.


How important is security in your life?  In our topsy turvy and chaotic world, we need safety and security more than ever before. If you’re a Security Seeker personality type, you’re someone who is practical, structured, and schedule-orientated. For you, relationships represent family, tradition, loyalty, and long-term commitment.  On Love University, we learned some valuable tips to help Security Seekers find love and happiness, as follows:


*Your best match in love is a fellow Security Seeker: If you’re single, you can find a compatible Security Seeker by getting involved in groups or activities that cater to family, church (volunteer), the community (neighborhood watch, chamber of commerce), and country (grassroots political organizations). Together, you and your Security Seeker mate can build a stable and secure family life that is rewarding and long-term.


*Develop your spontaneous side. Although you respond well to structure, it’s good to “let your hair down” once in a while and be a little spontaneous. Try a new restaurant or activity; go to work in a different route; change your hair or clothes.  Be a little adventurous to balance out your more cautious and skeptical side.


*Practice self-care:  As a Security Seeker, you like to take care of others and make sure they feel safe and secure. Sometimes, however, you neglect your own well-being to help others. Make sure that you take time for yourself: Exercise, eat healthy, engage in recreational/hobby time; get a massage, facial, spa day or take a “me day (relaxing and doing what you love).” When you rejuvenate yourself, you will feel better, and you will have more to give to others.


Security Seekers are the people who keep our civilization from crumbling to the ground. As a Security Seeker, you are the glue of society; you keep everything running on time, and you make sure that we are comfortable and safe. Celebrate your nature and realize how important you are to yourself and the world. When you do that, you will experience greater joy, happiness, and of course, security.


Are you hard on yourself and find it difficult to forgive yourself for past mistakes? If so, you may be under the influence of the Regret Thought Demon—that malevolent thought voice that torments you about what you “should have and could have done.”  The good news is that there is an antidote to regret and self-attack. It is called “Forgiveness”—the final secret of happiness—as discussed on our latest episode of Love University. Here is some of the wisdom that we learned from the sage, Master Tanaka, on the ultimate lesson of self-liberation known as Forgiveness:

*Forgive others for harms done to you. Forgive others even if they don’t deserve or merit your forgiveness. You forgive because you deserve to experience the true joy and incredible feeling of wiping your slate clean. When you forgive others, you erase the pain of the past and fill your mind with love and compassion.  Remember: The world doesn’t owe you anything.  You owe the world your forgiveness. Instead of being mired in your own “poor me” mindset (“How could they do that to me?”), realize that forgiveness is your ultimate weapon against those who hurt you. When you forgive them, you have taken away the only things they can hold you with: Anger, resentment, and hate.

*Banish Regret: Forgive yourself for real or imagined errors.  For many people, it is harder to forgive themselves than it is to forgive others. They are hard on themselves, self-critical, thinking: “Why did I stay in that relationship so long (or leave too early?”). “Why did I stay in that unfulfilling career instead of choosing work that would utilize my talents and bring me joy?”  An important key to happiness is to eliminate regret from your mind and forgive yourself for your real or imagined errors.  When you do that, you can be self-loving and have a clear mind to make the right decisions.

*Self-Forgiveness Exercise: As the pompous psychiatrist, Harry, learned in the Three Secrets of Happiness story, you can also practice self-forgiveness and liberate your mind from the pain of the past.  Try this exercise: Imagine a time when you believe you made a big mistake. Perhaps, you lost a love relationship because of actions you took, and you still feel great regret and pain as a result.  Now visualize that your Older You, the way you are right now, is saying to your Younger You, “I forgive you,” softly, gently, and lovingly. Imagine that the two Yous are hugging each other to the rhythms of forgiveness—bringing your past and present selves together at one moment in  time. Experience this feeling of self-compassion and unity, as the two Yous support and care for each other. Do this exercise, and you will feel lighter and more at peace. You will experience the greatest gift of all: Love.

If you’ve been listening to our 3 Secrets of Happiness series on Love University, you know the ultimate recipe for lasting joy: Gratitude, Joyful Optimism, and Forgiveness (self-forgiveness).  Gratitude is the gift of present appreciation for what you have now. Joyful Optimism is looking for the best in your future. And, forgiveness is what liberates you from the thought chains of the past. The great news is that these secrets are already within you. They are not dependent on money, status, career, or other people. They are your inheritance as a creation of the Higher Nature. Now go out and enjoy the 3 Secrets of forever joy and teach them to others. When you do this, you will reach your greatest potential and claim your deepest joy.




Are you a Meaning Seeker?  A Meaning Seeker is someone who is intuitive and sensitive, and who loves psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the arts, and finding the meaning in life? On our Love University Podcast, GuyTypes special edition, we delved into the romantic and relationship lives of Meaning Seekers. We also learned valuable tips for helping them find (and keep) a compatible romantic partner.

If you’re a Meaning Seeker:

*Your best match is usually a Meaning Seeker:  If you’re Meaning Seeker, your best romantic partner is also Meaning Seeker. Both of you have a lot in common because you see the world through your imagination, intuition, and feeling. As Meaning Seekers, your goal is to fulfill a “life mission” to help the world and leave a lasting legacy for all to see.  To meet a fellow Meaning Seeker, get involved in activities and groups that involve interests in psychology, spirituality, literature, and the arts.

*Be straightforward: Because you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings, you may sugarcoat things to avoid conflict.  However, this may not be good for your relationship because you leave important things unsaid. A better approach is to recognize that there are times when you need to be direct and blunt because you need to say something that is important, even though it may be unpleasant and uncomfortable.  

*Have a healthy skepticism when dating: Because you tend to be trusting, and even naïve at times (expecting the best from everyone), you may be surprised by deceitful, manipulative, and toxic dating partners. Therefore, when you’re getting to know a new romantic partner, it’s a good idea to ask yourself: “Is their behavior matching their words? Can I trust this person?”

*Always maintain your authenticity: Because you are a unique type—only 19.2% of females and 13.5% of males—you may try to compromise your nature to fit in and be liked. Avoid doing that. Instead, strive to express the way you really feel—your authentic nature. When you are true to yourself, you will naturally attract the right person who resonates with your style.

As a Meaning Seeker, you have a lot of wonderful qualities to offer a mate: empathy, compassion, intuition, and feeling, among other things. You are the type of person who can inspire your partner to great heights of success, love, and happiness, as you experience those things for yourself as well. Although you may be disappointed when you can’t seem to find someone who matches your lofty values and preferences, rest assured that you will eventually meet your ideal Meaning Seeker soul mate. All you have to do is be authentic and extend your loving energy to the world without expectations. When you do this, the right person will come into your life. Here’s to love.


There are secrets to Happiness; time-honored lessons for finding true contentment and lasting joy.  In our latest podcast, Love University, Invincible You, Special Edition, we learned about one of the most important secrets to finding happiness:  Gratitude.  Gratitude is a warm feeling of thankfulness toward others, the world, and a Higher Nature. Happy people are grateful, at all times. On this week’s show, we learned some wonderful lessons about gratefulness from Master Tanaka, the protagonist in our modern fable of personal transformation, The 3 Secrets of Happiness. Here is what we learned:


*Gratitude is Living in the Now, in the Present Moment.  To have Gratitude fill your heart, simply appreciate everything that you are experiencing right now.  Instead of dwelling on the past (regrets) or future (worries), keep your thoughts on the now. Express a deep caring and thankfulness for all of the good things in your life at this very moment: friendship, love, family, creativity, contribution, pleasurable and fun experiences, all of the modern conveniences and advantages of our technological world, and life itself.  


“Be Grateful Even for Even the “Bad” Things in Your Life. Your gratitude will skyrocket when you can find gratitude in even the most difficult of life circumstances.  It’s easy to be grateful for the benefits and rewards of life. But how about the difficult and painful things; can you be grateful for those too?  If you can, your gratitude will grow exponentially. The key is to find the positive in the negative.  If you’re in a traffic jam, for example, be grateful that you have extra time to think, meditate, pray, or listen to music—you might get a great idea while you’re in traffic. If you’re dealing with a rude or inconsiderate person, be grateful that you can learn the reverse lesson—how not to be.  You can learn tolerance and forgiveness from the judgmental person; you can learn peace from the angry person. All you have to do is decide to be the opposite of what they are. In this way, nothing you experience is wasted. Even the worst of circumstances (losses, setbacks) have a lesson to teach you so you can improve your life.


*Recite a Gratitude Mantra Daily.  Every day, repeat a gratitude phrase to yourself, something like: “I am grateful for my breath, my life, and for this day. I am grateful for all I have experienced, or will experience. I am grateful for those I love because true love keeps growing and growing. I am grateful for those who are hateful because they teach me compassion and forgiveness.  I am grateful for my successes because they are my inheritance from the Higher Nature. I am grateful for my failures because they are the Universe’s way of keeping me humble so that, when I do experience ultimate success, I will appreciate it even more.”


*Keep a Gratitude Journal.  In a pad or notebook, write down three things you’re grateful for every day. They can be small things like your deodorant, your toothpaste, or your favorite clothes. Or, they can be big things like your loved ones, your career, your body, your health, and your life.  When you do this consistently, you will significantly increase your happiness level and even sleep better. Try it for a month and you will see that keeping a gratitude journal can work wonders in your life.


Yes, happiness is within your reach. You can bring consistent joy into your life by following the powerful principles of gratitude: be grateful in the moment, be grateful for what you call “bad,”  recite a gratitude mantra, and keep a gratitude journal.  When you do these things, you will see your joy rising, and your peace growing. At its core, the principle of gratitude is simple: Be grateful for everything that happens to you, whether you call it important or unimportant; good or bad. Gratitude covers all; it doesn’t distinguish or discriminate between things, people, and events. Gratitude is simply a pure, flowing feeling of joy, peace, love, serenity, and excitement—all wrapped up on one delicious package of delight. With Gratitude in your heart, you will always win.


Imagine if you went to the top of a mountain and learned the secrets of happiness? Would you apply the secrets to make your life joyful? If the answer is “yes,” then you are like our protagonist, Harry, a pompous psychiatrist who finds inner joy, in this week’s story on Love University, Invincible You Special Edition.

Our new Invincible You Special Edition series on Love University teaches you how to create self-love and self-empowerment. In the process, you will skyrocket your contentment, success and inner and outer riches. In this week’s Special Edition, you will learn how Harry meets the happy martial arts master, Tanaka, and loses his preconceived notions of happiness to find true lasting contentment.

According to the great Tanaka, you have a True Mind and a False Mind. The False Part of your mind is weak and self-attacking. It vibrates with the bitterness, sarcasm, and insults of the world. Your True Mind, on the other hand, is the powerful and positive part of your mind. It is strong and secure, and is immune from the negative energy of the world. Your goal, says Tanaka, is to eradicate the False Mind and build up your beautiful and joyful True Mind so you can have lasting and consistent happiness.

Are you ready to meet master Tanaka and begin your journey to joy, excellence, and greatness?

Finding Love in Days of Loneliness: Proven Ways to Find Your Soul Mate in Troubled Times

In times of trouble and loneliness being with a soul mate can be a great source of comfort and joy.  If you haven’t found the ideal soul mate for you yet, then listen up. Our latest Love University podcast, we learned the secrets of finding the most compatible love partner for you.  Here’s what you need to know to find the love of your life:


1.Embrace Your Unique Love Temperament.  You have a unique romantic style (Love Temperament) that is part of your authentic nature. Your Love Temperament is made up of various elements, for example, Thinker or Feeler. If you’re a Thinker, you primarily make decisions through your logic and impersonal analysis. On the other hand, if you’re a Feeler, you mainly make decisions by relying on your feelings. Regardless of your type, the key is to embrace who you are. When you do that, you become more attractive to others. You are more confident that you can find the love of your life because you have self-worth.

2. Ask the 3 Magic Questions. When you’re out in the social world (or online), you can ask three key questions of prospective mates. When you ask these questions, you can learn a lot about them, and you can quickly determine if you’re likely to be compatible with them in a long-term relationship.  Here are the magic questions.

1.What’s your favorite movie and why did you like it? If they liked it because of the relationships, emotions, and the way it made them feel, then they’re a Feeler.  If they liked it because it made them think, and it was well made, they’re likely a Thinker.  Thinkers and Feelers are from different psychological planets. They can get along, but they need to speak each other’s language. For examples, Feelers usually like to express themselves with their love partner through tender words, physical affection, and romance. Although Thinkers may enjoy some of that as well, they prefer to express their attraction and comfort through intellectual compatibility, witty wordplay, and even sarcasm.

2. What would you do if you won $10 million? The practical (also known as Sensory) person would save, invest, and use it for sensory pleasures (fine dining, travel, shopping). The Intuitive (imaginative) person would likely use it for a creative purpose or a larger mission, like writing the great American Novel, starting a dream business to change the world, or going to the Himalayas and meditate.

3. If you were invited tomorrow on an all-expenses paid trip to Vegas (or a fun destination), but it was a work day, would you go? Structured people would likely say, “No” (“I have responsibilities). The spontaneous person would probably say, “Yes, my bags are packed. I’ll make arrangements.”

When identifying people’s personality types, it doesn’t mean that you have to be with someone who is exactly the same as you. A spontaneous person can get along with a structured one, and a Thinker can get along with a Feeler. However, the second dimension—Practical or Imaginative (“What would you do if you won $10 million?”) is an important one for you and your mate to be the same or similar. Practical and imaginative people see the world in very different ways, and they can have a lot of conflict if they don’t respect each other’s style. The imaginative person may see their practical partner as a “pie in the sky dreamer” (foolish), and the imaginative persona can see the practical person as a “stick in the mud” (boring).

In upcoming weeks, we will use these love personality dimensions to help you find the right soul mate for you.  Stay tuned for more secrets on finding true love that lasts a lifetime.


Some people think the world is heading for destruction. Pollution, war, famine, viruses, economic problems, hatred, greed, and suffering seem to permeate the world. Yet, at the same time, there is a silver lining.  We can access hope, faith, positivity, and love for the greater good of our families and the world itself. This is the message that we learned from our distinguished guest, Dr. John Cobb, 97-year-old pioneer in religion, science, and the environment.  Here is some of the wisdom Dr. Cobb shared with us about living an amazing and beautiful life in a sometimes ugly world:


Your Heaven or Hell Begins on Earth. Regardless of your faith or belief in the afterlife, it’s important to recognize that your spiritual energy when you’re alive—positive or negative— is probably what you’re going to take with you when you die. If you’re a loving, caring, and compassionate human being now, you will likely carry that with you to the next phase or level of existence. On the other hand, if you’re selfish, greedy, and hateful, you may bring the same energy with you wherever you go. Therefore, it’s important that you wake up every day with gratitude, as you strive to develop empathy, compassion, and love in your life in everything you do.

Love the Higher Nature With All of Your Heart and Soul. One of the greatest secrets of all spiritual paths is to love the Higher Nature with all of your heart, whether you call it God, nature, spirit, the Universe, and so forth.  Love is the essential ingredient that holds the world together. Each day, you should strive to meditate, pray, journal, and think about your Higher Nature, what you believe in.  At the same time, express that loving energy from the Higher Nature to yourself and others. Be self-compassionate and forgive yourself for any errors you may have made. Also, be loving toward others—smiles, pay sincere compliments, listen with full attention, and give others practical help as needed. When you help others, make sure that you give without expectations. You won’t expect that they will give anything back to you, or even acknowledge your giving. When you do this, you are expressing the love of the Higher Nature—unconditional love—to its fullest extent. In return, you will feel tremendous joy and satisfaction within.

We Can Learn From Others:  According to Dr. Cobb, we can learn from other religions, other people, and other cultures. Just because we don’t agree on everything, and may even dislike certain things about others, doesn’t mean that we can’t collaborate on certain important issues, such as protecting the environment. In his ecological work with China, Dr. Cobb has made many friends among the Chinese, and has helped people understand the plight of global warming and environmental degradation. He believes that cooperation between the great countries is possible, and absolutely necessary, to save the planet from ecological destruction.  Dr. Cobb advises us that it is important to emphasize the positive about other people and groups, and use our similarities to build a bridge of friendship, cooperation, and love.

In the end, as Dr. Cobb teaches, you are the world.  When you help others, you help yourself by becoming more understanding and loving. When you protect and save the environment, you protect and save yourself because you are part of the environment of humans, animals, and nature.  It is true that the inner dictates the outer, and the outer reflects the inner.  Through love and sharing with others, you can change the world.  You can transform yourself, and the world, at the same time.


Are you frustrated in getting what you want? Sometimes, it seems that other people, and life itself, gets in the way of what you truly desire. The good news is that there is a solution to your stuckness and a way to liberate your inner abilities to fulfill your dreams. On Love University, with the help of my new able producer, Jonathan, we revealed the secrets of personal power and happiness. Drawing from Dr. Avila’s groundbreaking book, Invincible You, we pinpointed major problems in life and provided workable and potent solutions for your daily excellence. Here’s what we learned:

*Be Your Favorite Actor: If you’re shy or hesitant around people, a good remedy is to become like your favorite actor. Think of an actor or actress that you admire. Consider their personality, habits, and idiosyncrasies—what do you like about them? Then, when you’re at home, practice walking, talking, and thinking like them.  Jonathan, our producer, is a big fan of Will Smith because Will often portrays characters who are kind and humble, yet confident. In the same way, choose an actor who has qualities you would like to emulate. When you become more of the Actor in your mind, you will reduce your Observer—the self-conscious part of your mind that judges and criticizes you. When you think, talk, and act from your Actor, you will tap into the spontaneous and authentic part of you. As a result, you will be more successful in your relationships and interactions with others.

*Quiet Your Monkey Mind. In our 24-7 constant technology world, your mind is probably going 1000 miles a minute. The Monkey Mind is the part of your mind that is always thinking—worrying about bills to pay, what you have to do tomorrow, what you should have done yesterday.  The Monkey Mind never lets you rest—it keeps you feeling frantic, nervous, and stressed. To still your Monkey Mind, you need to develop relaxation rituals. Before going to bed, or during the day, turn off your technological devices (phone, tablet, pad, computer). Take a technology fast so you can clear your mind of external noise. Also, at bedtime, make sure you do something that relaxes you—pray, meditate, read, listen to calming music, cuddle with a partner or animal, and think positive, loving, and optimistic thoughts. When you go to bed, move away from a preoccupation with the future or the past. Focus only on the relaxing now, and you will feel more energized and rested than ever before.

Beware the Second Arrow.  In life, there are two “arrows.” The first arrow is the circumstance, person, or situation that causes you pain. A friend stops calling, you get into an accident, you lose money or advantages. The problem comes when you add a “second arrow”—your negative, emotional interpretation of the event.  Our producer, Jonathan, recalls how he was distracted during a virtual meeting with a professor, and he didn’t notice that his car was parked in a location where the street sweeper was coming. Suddenly realizing what was happening, Jonathan ran to the car just as he was being ticketed.  Furious at himself for leaving the car there, Jonathan slammed the car door and smashed his window—thereby costing himself even more expense and turmoil. When facing a difficult or challenging circumstance, don’t add an emotional reaction of fear, anger, or sadness to compound the situation and make it worse.  Simply see it as an external event that happened. At first glance, the situation appears unpleasant or damaging, but if you look deeper, you may see that it can contain a positive outcome or  valuable lesson. In the case of Jonathan, he learned how to be more aware in life, and he was able to avoid similar mishaps from happening in the future.  

The secrets of self-empowerment and happiness are within your grasp if you follow these three steps: Become Your Actor, Quiet Your Monkey Mind, and Beware the Second Arrow. If you do these things, you will be well on your way to mastering inner and outer distractions, and accessing your authentic self-confidence. In the end, you will achieve your full potential, and you will make a positive difference in the world.


Sometimes life gets you down and you don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps, you keep hitting your head against the wall in your relationships, finances, health, career, or spirituality. You feel frustrated, regretful, and futile.  Now, there is hope. On Love University, we answered some of your most pressing questions about love, success, and happiness, and we offered some powerful solutions to your unsolvable problems. Here is we what we learned:


*Why can’t I find anyone to love?  The key is to master loneliness within, and then you will not crave love and companionship in a yearning state. You will be content within yourself first. While in this state of contentment, you will attract the exact nature of what you are in another human being: happy, loving, and fulfilled.


*How do I banish loneliness? Loneliness exists only because you are separated from your true nature, your Invincible Mind. This separation urges you to strive toward self-unity. To unify yourself in an authentic manner, you need to find the practices and activities that nurture you and fill you with love and gratitude. Perhaps, you love the arts, nature, exercise, a spiritual/meditative practice, or time spent with loved ones. Whatever you are passionate about, make sure you do it on a regular basis. Find your Invincible self, and you will lose loneliness, once and for all.  


*How can I be consistently happy?   The secret to happiness is to be like the sun. Think about it: The sun shines its warmth on everyone, even if they don’t like the sun and cover up to avoid its rays (others love the sun and will lie out). In the same way, spread your positive energy to other people, without expectation. Smile at others, pay them sincere compliments, listen attentively, and help them with advice or practical matters. You will do this without expecting anything in return—not a smile, thank you, or even any type of acknowledgement. You are loving simply because that is your nature, just like the sun gives warmth because that is its nature. When you are like the sun, you will never have to worry about whether you are happy or not. You will simply shine your loving energy, your happiness—everywhere and always.


Yes, you can be happy, loving, powerful, and free. You simply need to reduce your Self-Defeating Mind, increase your Invincible Mind, and Be Like the Sun—extend your loving energy without expectation. When you do these things, your days will be cheery, and your future will be bright. You will be Invincible.


One of the secrets of happiness is to be like the Sun. Shine your loving energy on everyone and everything that comes in your path. Be kind, nice, smile, and help others. Listen attentively to those who are hurting; offer your talents and abilities to lighten the burden of others on this planet of ours.  On Love University, we learned some helpful strategies for extending your loving energy without expectation so you can live happy and achieve your dreams. Here are a few important points:

*Raise Your Love Intelligence. Love intelligence is your ability to empathetic (put yourself in other’s shoes) and compassionate (desire to relieve their suffering). When you have a high Love intelligence, you will attract positive people and circumstances into your life, and you will make a positive difference in the world.

*Be Patient.  Patience is one of the greatest tools of human development. When you are patient with yourself and others, you take the time to savor and appreciate life. You listen more attentively to the needs of others. You are less harsh and judgmental to yourself and others. You have less frustration and regret because you know that all good things come to those who wait.  

*Be Like the Sun Every Day.  On a daily basis, strive to shine your loving energy to others.  Smile at others, pay them sincere compliments, help them with their practical and emotional needs. Do all of this without expecting anything in return, not even a thank you or acknowledgement. When you extend loving energy without expectation, you generate great power and love within yourself. You realize that you have an abundant and ever-flowing resource of love, energy, and creativity that you can give to yourself and others.

Fear and regret hold many people back. You can bypass those self-defeating emotions by extending the true essence of who you are—Love—to the world around you.  You will be like the sun, a powerful source of energy and warmth, to yourself and others. You will clothe yourself with strength and put on the garments of splendor.  You will shake off the dust and free the chains from your neck. You will be Invincible.


There is an amazing secret of success and happiness within your grasp.  It is called “Extending Loving Energy Without Expectation.” This means that you will be kind, loving, and giving to others without expecting anything in return. When you do this, you will open the floodgates of prosperity and joy as the Universe returns your loving energy many times over.  Follow the steps we learned on Love University to tap into the power of this Invincibility principle:

*Be Like the Sun.  Your goal should be to be like the sun.  The sun shines on everyone and everything. Some people don’t like the sun and cover up; others love the sun and lie out to receive its warmth.  Yet, the sun doesn’t get upset if people don’t like it. It keeps shining. In the same way, you will shine your loving energy on others. You will smile at others, pay them sincere compliments, and help those who need it.  And, you will do this without expecting anything in return. You will be like the sun—extending your loving energy—because you are made of love.

*Be Nice the Right Way. They say that nice people finish last. The truth is that people who are genuinely nice are among the most loved and successful people in the world. The key is to be the right kind of nice. If you’re nice to yourself and not to others, you will be selfish. If you’re nice to others and not yourself, you will be a self-sacrificial martyr. If you are genuinely nice to yourself and others—not because you want anything from them—then you will be kind and caring, as well as genuine and strong.  A truly nice person is not a pushover.  They respect and take care of themselves and others.  They can be firm when they need to be, and they are loving because that is the essence of their nature.

Be Like a Dog.  Many people love dogs because dogs give loving energy without expectation.  They always want to play with you, jump on you, and lick you. You can learn valuable lessons of how to love and be loved by observing the dog.  Dogs are always interested in others, live daily with enthusiasm, and want to do something nice for their owners (bring them slippers, or cuddle when their owner is sad). You can follow the dog example by listening attentively to others, maintaining a positive attitude, and displaying empathy for other people—putting yourself in their shoes and feeling as they feel.

You can access the power of Loving Without Expectation in your daily life.  You just need to be like the sun, be nice the right way, and be like a dog.  When you follow these simple principles, you will unleash tremendous loving energy within yourself that will reverberate throughout the world—healing, helping, and loving others—as you build a legacy of love and goodness that lasts beyond your time on earth.


Are you feeling stressed out, worried, and hurried in our busy and demanding world? Would you like to experience the feeling of  having more spontaneity, fun, and leisure in your life? People who tap into their spontaneous side are usually healthier, live longer, are more creative, and enjoy life more. Now you can increase your spontaneity and sense of playfulness by following some of the simple tips we discussed on Love University:


*Play with animals and children:  Spend more time playing with your animals and children—some of the most spontaneous creations on earth.  Throw a ball, run, play hide and seek, and you will laugh and enjoy being in the moment.


*Play spontaneously with your friends.  Play fun, improv games with your friends like “Build a Story.” Go around the room as each person says one word at a time to build a story. It’s a fun way to express your creativity and get your spontaneity juices flowing.

Take a Spiritual Vacation.  Think of your life as being like a short vacation. You are only here on earth (alive) for a short time—perhaps a few weeks or a few days—when compared to the vast time of eternity. Treat your time here like a vacation. Have fun, leave your worries behind, and focus on loving and helping others. When you do that, your entire lifetime can turn into a fun and productive vacation in which you create a legacy of goodness and love.


Yes, you can have more spontaneity and fun in your life. Make sure you play with animals, children, and friends, and think of your life like a spiritual vacation.  The paradox is that when you have fun and are spontaneous, you can usually work more and accomplish more because you are more motivated and creative. Start today and bring  spontaneity into your life so you can enjoy every minute of your time on earth.


It’s time to get fit and healthy for 2022.  On Love University, we learned the secrets of health and fitness from our guests, Jomilson and Theresa Alvarez. A lovely husband and wife team, Jomilson and Theresa provide training and encouragement to individuals with special needs to improve their health and strength.  Here are some powerful tips we learned to help you have a great body and mind for 2022:

*You are Stronger Than You Think You Are: Believe in your ability to be strong and healthy. Repeat the following phrase daily: “I am stronger today than I was yesterday.”  When you do this, you will overcome self-doubt and self-defeating mental and physical patterns. You will learn from your mistakes. You will become stronger mentally as you become stronger physically through exercise and movement.

Start Small:  Start by exercising 10-15 minutes per day and gradually increase your time and frequency of exercise.  One you start to feel good (endorphins) and see the difference (stronger and fitter), you will be motivated to work out more. You will consistently be in a state of Flow in which you forget your problems and self-consciousness as you merge your mind and body.

Do Your Passion In Your Safe Place:  If you don’t like going out due to the virus, or because you’re Introvert, there are many ways to partake in physical activity at home.  You can do a “home workout” with weights or aerobic equipment. You can also dance, garden, clean the house, play with your family or dog, or walk outside. Do what you love to do as long as it keeps you moving, and you will get in better shape.

Food is About What You Need, Not Always About What You Like:  You can discipline your mind to eat what is good for you, not necessarily what tastes good. Although you can enjoy tasty meals, it’s also important to be consistent with your diet and eat healthy a majority of the time.

Jomilson and Theresa offer us excellent advice:  Move it or Lose it.  Physical movement, in even small ways, is good for you and stimulates your mind, body, and soul.  As we enter the new year, make sure that you  tell yourself that you are getting stronger—physically and mentally—every day. Also, start small, do your passion in a safe place, and discipline your mind to eat what is good for you. If you do these things, you can jumpstart your fitness program and feel the healthiest and strongest you have felt in a long time.


Would you like to have a great love relationship that keeps getting better and more loving as time goes by? Now you can by applying some of the ideas we learned on Love University, as follows:

*Love Yourself.  To find and keep a loving partner, you need to love yourself. The key is to love yourself in a humble, not egotistical way. You love yourself by taking care of your emotional and physical needs, forgiving yourself for past errors, and relaxing instead of worrying. You also love yourself by picking a romantic partner who adds to your life and helps you increase your own well-being as you help them increase theirs.

*Choose Invincibility Seekers. Invincibility Seekers are those individuals who want to raise their level of happiness and love.  When choosing a mate or romantic partner, look at the inner character of the person. Ask yourself: “Are they an Invincibility Seeker?” If so, then nurture the relationship as you and your partner create light (positivity) in the world.

*Apply Sexual Transmutation.  Sexual transmutation is the application of sexual energy for a higher purpose. When you make love with your partner, visualize that you are merging with your partner and creating a higher vibration of light and love. When you fuse sexuality, romance, and love with a loving partner, both of you will generate increased creativity, charisma, and love.

Go out this week and love yourself, choose invincibility seeker people to be in your life, and apply sexual transmutation with your love partner. When you do this, you will be well on your way to creating and maintaining a beautiful love relationship that stands the test of time.


Would you like to attract your soul mate and marry them within one year?  That’s exactly what our guest on Love University, Megan Weks, did.  Megan ( is one of the top dating coaches in the US, and she shared her secrets for authentic soul mate finding on the show. Here’s what we learned:

*Date Yourself First: It’s your essence that draws a mate in—the way your heart interacts with the stimuli in the world.  Start with self-analysis. Ask yourself:  Do I bleed masculinity (if you’re a woman, are you leaning too much on your business and directive side during dating)?  Am I too guarded? Do I express my feelings or explode emotionally?  Do I believe I’m worthy of love?

*Expand Your Energetic Presence: When you go out to the world or on a date, be aware of your energetic and emotional level. If you feel anxious, pinpoint where the feeling is—perhaps your chest, stomach, or head. Then breathe deeply and visualize the tension relaxing as you extend loving and grateful energy to the person in front of you. Grow a big ball of love and gratitude inside your body and express appreciation internally for the person you’re with.

*Be Authentically Hard To Get:  Be aware of when you’re coming on too strong or too needy. If you’re a woman, give the man some space for him to come toward you with his masculine push energy.  When you are balanced in your intuitive nature, you will lean back when necessary (reduce expectations and neediness for the person), and give them the space to enter your zone of love.

*Create a Soul Mate Funnel:  In the business world, a funnel refers to the process that businesses lead their customers through when buying products or services. As a top recruiter in the business world, Megan realized that she could apply the same “head/logical” techniques to help those desiring a soul mate. The key is to fill your romantic funnel with dates (up to 2-3 per week) so you can weed out the incompatible ones and find the compatible loving partner you deserve.  In this way, the logical side of your brain can take front and center before the emotional/chemistry reactive part falls in love with the wrong person.

Yes, you can attract the love of your life in a balanced, natural, and authentic way.  Date yourself first, expand your energy presence, be authentically hard to get, and create a soul mate funnel. When you do this, you will be approachable, magnetic, and a high value person.  Now you can let your heart come out to play and explore favorable dating options until you meet your compatible soul mate and live your dream of love.




You have a tremendous power in the middle of your gut.  It is called the Hara.  In Eastern Philosophy and martial arts, the Hara is the point two inches below your navel. It is the center of your intuition and strength.  Even small and elderly martial artists can’t be pushed from their position when they focus on their Hara.  Here are some tips to develop your Hara’s inner power in your everyday life:

*Stop Apologizing.  Do you always feel like you have to say “I’m sorry” for the things you do? If so, stop apologizing. Stand firm in what you believe in without apologizing. When you do this, you will be happier and more fulfilled.

*Unify Yourself.  You may have competing desires that divide your mind. List the ways you are divided and choose the way that will help you the most in the long run. For example, you may want to lose weight, but you also want to eat tasty, fattening food. If that’s the case, then you need to unify yourself and choose what is best for you: Forgo the fattening food for the bigger goal of being healthy and fit.  Do this and you will reap great benefits.

*Live Authentically. Engage with people who resonate with who you really are. Do activities you truly love. Stop pretending to like what you don’t like, and being who you're not, just to please people who don’t really care about you. You only have one life—live it authentically. Be the true you. 

It’s up to you. You can tap into the power of your Hara if you stop apologizing, unify yourself, and live authentically. By doing so, you will reach your dreams and love deeply and fully.


Would you like to be invincible beyond your wildest dreams? Now you can by following some of the tips we learned on Love University, as follows:

*Use Failure to Grow Your Mental Muscles. Failure can be your best friend if you learn the lessons from your mistakes and grow as a human being.

*Move From “Poor Me” to “Blessed I.” Instead of feeling sorry for yourself when you don’t get what you want, turn the tables and think of all the things you can be grateful for—for all of your blessings in life.

*Go Through the Pain Gap. Before you can have a strong mind and spirit, you need to go through some discomfort (pain gap)  As you get rid of your comfortable, yet self-defeating, mental patterns (procrastination, timidness), you will venture into a new place: Your Mountain of Invincibility.

Being invincible doesn’t mean that you will never fail or suffer loss and pain. It means that you will succeed and thrive, despite the failures, obstacles, and mistakes. Start today. Use failure to grow your mental muscles, move from “Poor Me” to “Blessed I,” and go through the Pain Gap. When you do that, your success and happiness will be assured.







Would you like to have a powerful and loving relationship that gets better every day?  If you desire it, you can create a love relationship filled with incredible romance, sex, love, and lasting togetherness. Here are some of the important tips we discussed on Love University for creating an unstoppable relationship:

*Seek Invincibility Seeker Love. An Invincibility Seeker is someone who wants to improve their life and the life of their partner.  They are individuals who desire to make a positive difference in the world. When two Invincibility Seekers come together, they can create a beautiful love relationship of like-minded “soul enhancers”  who will help elevate each other’s minds and hearts to reach a higher level of living that is far beyond the ordinary.  This is the type of Invincibility Seeker Love you should be aiming for with your love partner.

*Transmute Your Sexual Energy. Sexual transmutation is the channeling of sexual energy into a higher state of frequency that contributes positively to the individual, and to society.  To do this, you should invest your libido in a Invincibility Seeking partner as they do the same for you. In this way, your sexual energy becomes fused with love and romance, and inspires both of you to achieve the greatest heights of success and love in your relationship and life. There are many examples of love-sex transmutation (motivation) that have led to great accomplishments, including: 

     F. Scott Fitzgerald, the great author from the 1920’s, who loved his schizophrenic wife, and made her the inspiration for many of the female protagonists in his novels.  

    Kass and Michael Lazerow: A married couple who founded Buddy Media, a social enterprise software company that connects advertising firms with consumers. In his article, “Why I Have Sex With My Co-founder,” Michael makes the case for couples to start businesses together.

   Casey Sackett and Jennifer Wong. Husband and wife, Casey and Jennifer, were expecting their first child. As a result of their experience, they decided to create various apps for expectant mothers, including the popular BabyBump, a pregnancy and social network app.

*True Love Is Based on Deep Understanding of the Other.    Deep love is not based on simply sexual attraction, surface compatibility, companionship, or mutual interests.  It is grounded on a deep, empathetic understanding of a love partner—knowing each other’s goals, habits, dreams, preferences, values, hopes, and fears.  It is when a husband has his wife’s bubble bath ready because he knows she’s had a hard day, and when his wife prepares his favorite meal to celebrate his accomplishment at work. This type of deep understanding leads to a total acceptance of the beloved as they are—forming the foundation of a powerful and lasting love that doesn’t fade when the looks or status goes away.

Yes, you can have unstoppable romance and love with the mate of your choice.  All you have to do is seek Invincibility Love, apply the principles of Sexual Transmutation, and develop a deep, empathetic understanding and acceptance of each other. When you have the right Invincibility Seeker mate, you can create a love that stands the test of time and is based on giving love without expectation—the greatest love of all.  


Would you like to embrace your inner joy and tap into your uniqueness to reach your dreams? Now you can by applying some of the lessons we learned from our special guest on Love University, Mary England (Inspiring Self-Love Through Merriment + Creativity | Uncustomary). Mary overcame 20 years of severe mental illness to find her inner joy and is now an in-demand coach that helps people live extraordinary lives. Here are some of the tips she shared with us for how to live your full-potential life.

*Tap into your Inner Weird. Mary loves to do fun “weird” things in public like giving out free lemons to people so they can make lemonade. You can have more joy in your life if you accept the part of you that is different, unique, and playful.  On a daily basis, jump, dance, sing, and do silly things to tap into your fun, inner weird.  Play games with your friends, children, and animals—see how much fun and joy you can create by being uniquely you.

*Go on a Solo Date and don’t hold your pee. Self-care is more than just getting enough sleep or having a spa day. It means doing what is right for you, regardless of what you think other people want you to do.  If you don’t have anyone to go out with, take yourself on a date—pamper yourself at a nice restaurant or watch a great show. If you have to pee, don’t hold it because you’re trying to be polite in a conversation. Take care of your important needs first, and you will feel more content and relaxed.

*Never dull down your desire.   Go for what you truly want. If you want a serious relationship leading to long-term commitment, make that clear to the people you date (Don’t fall into the “friend” or “hookup” zone). If you want to start your dream business, travel to your ideal destination, or make an important lifestyle change, do it.  Don’t let outer naysayers (negative people) or inner naysayers (your critical thoughts) dim your passion and love for what you truly want to do. You only have one life. Life it will full engagement and passion.

Yes, you can love yourself without being egotistical or narcissistic. You can be uniquely you and tap into your inner joy while making this world a better place for everyone around you, including yourself. It’s your turn now: Go for what you really want, laugh abundantly, and allow your creativity and love to shine for all to see.


Would you like to overcome feelings of futility and failure to achieve your dreams? Now you can by following a few simple steps that we discussed on Love University, as follows:


  1. Treasure Your Success Memories.  Go around your house and focus on the things that bring you good memories:  a special gift, photo of a loved one; a prize, certificate, or award. Look carefully at these things, and remember the good memories associated with them. As you do this, say “Yeah,” louder and louder, as you anchor the feelings of success and love in your mind.


  1. Step into the Circle of Power.  Imagine an invisible circle that is three feet in diameter and two feet in front of you. This is your Circle of Power. Recall a time when you felt successful, powerful, and loved (great times with loved ones; a special accomplishment).  As you remember the past positive event, step into the imaginary circle and say, “I am stepping into the Circle of Power. I share the power of the Universe. I am Invincible.”


  1. Break the Paper Thin Bars.  Think of being in a prison cell in which the bars are made of soft tissue paper, yet are painted to look like solid metal bars. Imagine that, at first, you think that you are hopeless to escape; there appears to be no way out. But then you receive a letter explaining that the bars are only made of tissue paper.  Now visualize yourself breaking through the paper bars and walking to your emotional and psychological freedom.


Yes, you can have the ultimate success and joy you desire. All you have to do is focus intently on your greatest desire, step into your inner power, and liberate yourself from everything that holds you back. When you do this, you will finally realize that futility and despair have no place in your heart and mind. Now you can be truly free to enjoy every minute of life as you grow, learn, love, and leave a legacy for all to see.


Do you suffer from regret—the emotional pain of the “shouldas,” “wouldas,” and “couldas?” Perhaps, you regret staying too long in a bad relationship, choosing the wrong career or lifestyle, or falling into a bad habit or addiction. If so, now you can find relief from regrets of the past by following the Invincible You Principles we discussed on Love University. Here are some powerful tips for mastering regret and enjoying a loving present and a confident future:  

*Allow yourself to go back. Forgive yourself if you temporarily fall back into an old temptation, bad habit, or negative behavior. After you forgive yourself, go back to your disciplined plan immediately.

*Recreate a memory. Think of a mistake you made in the past. Then, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine that you had acted the way you would have wanted.  Re-experience the situation or encounter as the newer, wiser you. When you do this, you will feel more positive about your life and your past.

*Recognize and apply the lessons learned.   Learn from your mistakes and decide that you will not repeat the same mistake twice, whether in your relationships, career, finances, or lifestyle choices. Your goal is to improve every day. When you do this, you will feel better about yourself, and you will make wiser decisions.

The good news is that you no longer need to waste mental energy brooding over past events, decisions, and actions. You can look forward instead of backwards. To live happily and without regret, you will always head toward “next time”—the best and most optimistic place to be.


Are you pissed off and angry?  Is the world making you mad? If so, our recent Love University show can offer you some pointers on how to live a more peaceful and calm life.  Try the following:


*Develop the Mind of Preference, not Demand.  When you prefer things to happen in a certain way (but don’t demand it), you will be more relaxed and content.   Think preference, not demand.


*Draw Your Anger.  In a notebook or notepad, draw what your anger looks like. Give it a name (Rage Goblin), and a color (red).


*Separate Yourself from the Anger Thought.  Realize that the anger entity is not you. It is only a temporary thought that happens to be traveling through your mind.  Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, visualize that you are blowing the anger out of your life.  Say firmly, “Anger, I don’t want you in my life anymore. Goodbye!”


If you follow these three tips, you can start to eliminate anger from your daily life.  You can begin a new life of peace, comfort, and love.



Are you a rushaholic—rushing everywhere and having little peace and relaxation? On our latest Love University show, we learned some tips for relaxing and enjoying your life—without constant time pressures. Here’s what you need to do:


1.Develop the Mind of Patience. There is enough time for everything.  Think of relaxation instead of stress. Think about accomplishing things the right way, instead of trying to do too much. Your relaxed mind will thank you.

  1. Find a Patience Mentor.  Spend time with elderly people who have mastered the art of patience. Strive to emulate their easy-going, relaxed approach to life, and you will feel joyful and peaceful.
  2. Choose the Longer Line. As an exercise, intentionally choose the longer line in a store. Become aware of your surroundings and your own thoughts and feelings (“Hurry up” your mind tells you). Listen to conversations and observe other people who seem rushed and pressured. Resolve that you will not be like them.  You will be calm, patient, and loving.


Yes, it’s true. You can be patient, relaxed, and fulfilled.  Leave rush behind and start an inner revolution of relaxation and well-being. You will enjoy every minute of it.


When life seems overwhelming, we need to find our beauty and strength within. This is the beautiful lesson we learned from our amazing guest, life coach Leena Duwadi, native of Nepal. Known as the female “Sadhguru” for her enlightening nuggets of wisdom, here is what the lovely Leena share with us:


*The world is full of good hearts. Look around you, and you will find love and charity.   Help others and you will always win.

*You are spiritual even if you don’t realize it. You believe in something higher than yourself, whether it’s God, money, love, or something else. Make sure that you believe in something that will elevate you and bring you goodness.

*Be the hope you never lost. You have greatness inside you. Simply recognize that you are a creation of the Higher Nature (God, spirit, nature).  When you do that, you won’t have to prove yourself to anyone. You are sufficient within yourself.

*We need more loving ears, not talking mouths. Just being with a hurting person, and listening attentively, is enough.  Your energetic presence by itself can help heal those who suffer.

*Replace “Alonement” for “Loneliness.” You can be by yourself and still be content if you love yourself in an authentic way. Being alone doesn’t have to mean that you’re lonely. It can give you the opportunity to truly know yourself.

*The Higher Nature is your “Life Guard.”   Sometimes, you are thrown into a pool of deep water.  Life seems too difficult; you are overwhelmed by problems and difficulties. Yet, the good news is that The Higher Nature (God, spirit) is ready to jump in to save you as long as you are willing. Be willing.


The truth is that it's perfectly fine to work on your outer health and beauty. Yet, you will also receive great rewards when you focus on enhancing your inner beauty—your capacity for empathy, compassion, gratitude, and love.  Make your outer face—your daily actions-- match your inner face of beauty. When you do this, you will live triumphantly, joyfully, and with complete love.


Would you like to overcome negative thoughts and emotions, and achieve your greatest potential in life? You can do so by following a few simple tips from Dr. Avila’s latest book, Invincible You: Discover Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Heart’s Desires ( Here’s what you need to do:

1.Identify the negative inner voices that hold you back. In a journal or notebook, write down the self-defeating thoughts that attack you on a daily basis: “I’m not smart enough.”  “I’m not attractive enough.” “I’m not lovable enough.”  “I’m not confident enough.” “I will never succeed in life.” Once you write them down, you will realize that these self-defeating thoughts are not you. They are just temporarily invading thought entities that try to fool you into believing that they are you. Don’t believe the thought tricksters. You are something far greater than the temporary gloomy thoughts in your mind.


  1. Reverse the pronouns. To change your perspective about the negative thought invaders, change the pronoun you use from “I” to “You.” Now, when self-defeating thoughts enter your mind, you will say, “You (self-defeating thoughts) are not smart enough.”
    “You are not lovable enough.” “You will never be able to control me.”  When you do this, you turn the table on the self-defeating thoughts and put them on the defensive. You understand that they, not you, are the ones who are weak and easy to defeat.


  1.  Create Self-Enhancing thoughts in place of self-defeating Thoughts.  On a daily basis, write down and repeat self-growth thoughts to yourself. Say things like “I am smart.” “I am attractive.” “I am lovable.” “I am success and love.” When you ingrain these beautiful thoughts in your mind, your mood and motivation will improve significantly. Now you will have the mental firepower to achieve your goals and help other people along the way. 


Yes, it is true that you can chart your course towards love and happiness. Along the way, you can throw away self-defeating thoughts, and you can fill your mind with joy, compassion, peace, love, and confidence. Start today to master the Desert of Weakness and start your climb toward the Mountain of Invincibility. You will enjoy every step along the way.

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