Love University with Dr. Alexander Avila

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June 17, 2020

Imagine being next to the most notorious female serial killer in history and having compassion for her. That is exactly how Dr. Pablo Zaragoza, chief medical doctor in the Florida prisons, felt when he attended to serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, the wicked inspiration for the Academy Award winning performance by Charlize Theron in “Monster.” Dr. Zaragoza, also an award-winning novelist with over 21 books published joined us on Love University and shared his secrets of love, compassion, and empowerment, even in the worst of circumstances. Here are some of the fascinating tips he gave us:

*Listen with empathy. Everyone, even the most notorious killer, was a child at one time in their lives. Although they may lack empathy due to narcissistic/sociopathic tendencies, there was a time in their lives when they had innocence and naturalness. When you deal with difficult or annoying people, remember that there is a soft spot somewhere within that person—a wound or hurt feeling that you can tap into by listening with full attention and empathy (putting yourself in their shoes). The more you listen with empathy, the better you will be able to connect with others and build a conduit of love where none existed before.

*Guard your sensitivities. At the same that you are compassionate and empathetic to others, you also recognize that you have to protect your emotional nature, especially if you’re a naturally sensitive and giving person. You will be aware when a person has dangerous or manipulative intentions toward you, and you will redirect your loving energy to a different place—you will leave or detach yourself from the negative person or situation. At the same time, you will extend your love to people and situations that will reciprocate in kind and provide you with a safe and secure place to plant your loving energy.

*There is hope where there is faith. In his book, Armageddon, about demon possession, the Prince of Hell comes to earth to possess the souls of human in a desperate bid for its own redemption. The humans who are invaded don’t give up; they fight against the forces of evil to recapture hope in the hopeless. On an everyday basis, possession—being taken over by an uncontrollable force—is not usually done by actual demonic forces, but by the person’s own wrongly fixated thoughts: self-criticism, bad habits, and addictions. According to Dr. Pablo, we can rewire our brains with positive elements—faith, love, spiritual practice, service to humanity—to drown out the negative inner voices of the Thought Demons (critical inner thoughts) that torment us. We can tap into the power of our Higher Nature (God, spirit, destiny) to increase our faith in the good and liberate ourselves from the dark forces of evil. We can be free if we choose to be free.

Dr. Pablo summarizes it nicely: Happiness, joy, and love are within your reach. All you have to do is recognize the authentic power within you as children of a Higher Nature. Live simply, help people, and find a passion that drives you, and you can free yourself from the negative people and situations that control you. With a few simple shifts in your thoughts and actions, you can master your mind and live a glorious life of love, peace, and power, no matter where you’ve been, no matter where you presently are in life. Practice faith, hope, and love, and you can be free from the mental prison that holds you. You can live joyfully—with absolute purpose and power.