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November 23, 2019

In our busy and cluttered world, we are often overwhelmed, stressed, and tried. Now, there’s an antidote to the dilemma of “too much” stuff and excess things in your life. It is called Decluttering, the new art of living with less and enjoying life more.


Here are some decluttering tips to make your life free and easy:


*Visualize an Organized and Clean House: If your house is a mess, visualize what it would look like if it were clean and tidy. Think about how you would feel (relaxed and energized).


*Feel the Emotion of Things: Pick up and hold objects that you no longer use much (clothes, books, personal items). Ask yourself if it brings you joy. If not, donate or discard it—it doesn’t have a place in your personal space.


*Hang Your Clothes Backwards: Hang your clothes on the hanger in the reverse direction. Every time you use a clothing item, put it back the right way. If you find that you don’t use clothes for several months, throw them away or donate them.


*Give Thanks for the Thing: Before you donate or throw something away, give thanks for the joy it brought you when you first got it, or the service it provided. In that way, you can give away (throw away) even gifts because you already received the joy from it.


*Invite a Friend for a Throwaway Party: Have a friend come over to help you get rid of items in your house. If both of you don’t agree to keep something, you will throw it away or donate it.


You can be free of excess clutter in your house and life. Start today to get rid of one item you don’t need or use every day. Before long, your house will be uncluttered and free of things you don’t need. At the same time, you can get rid of negative thoughts and emotions (“I’m not good enough,” “I’m not organized) and replace them with empowering thoughts (“I have great blessings,” “I can be free of clutter and negativity”).


It’s your choice: Get rid of inner and outer clutter and be free.