We loved having Linda and Charlie Bloom on Love University--a wonderful happily married couple for over 50 years, and two licensed therapists, as well. 


These bestselling authors and lifetime partners enlighten us by busting through the myths of love and marriage and teaching us the secrets of love.  


Love Myth #1:  You feel loving all the time when you're married.

Myth Buster #2:  You still love them, despite being angry or sad, because you find the common ground in the relationship.

Love Myth #2: All differences must be resolved in the relationship.

Myth Buster #2:  Its OK to have unresolved differences in a relationship. Differences may even strengthen the marriage (each partner can learn something new) as long as each partner respects the other.

Love Myth #3: If you loved me, I don't need to ask for what I want.

Myth Buster #3: It’s important to ask for what you want. The key is to have an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance as each person shares their desires with their partner.   

Love Myth #4:  Love means never having to say, "You're Sorry."

Myth Buster #4:  Keep the word "I'm sorry" at your fingertips, as you apologize sincerely if you hurt your partner. These powerful words can relieve great stress in a relationship.


Other secrets of a successful relationships and happy marriage include:


*Give Your Best Energy to Your Relationship

*See Your Relationship as a Living Entity

*Happy couples are slightly delusional—they see their partner in a positive light, even though doing so may be a little unrealistic.

*Love is not 50-50:  It could be 90-10, with one partner carrying the weight for a while. Then, it reverses, and the other partner gives 90%.  It evens out in the long-term.


Listen in as you learn the secrets of great relationships and marriages.  






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