The times has never been better to be an entrepreneur and start your own business—utilizing technology to make money and find fun and happiness along the way. Our special guest on Love University, Amaliny Hasselbeck, serial entrepreneur and founder of BunchUP world-wide community sports network, gave us some tips on how to start your own business and live your fullest life:



*Make Money From What You Love: Amaliny loved sports and realized that many adults would benefit from a sports community of like-minded friends. Her idea became BunchUP adult sports leagues that combine athletic competition with community and friendship building. Her advice: Decide what brings you joy and start a business from it. Maybe you love animals and you want to start a nonprofit rescue organization. Or perhaps you love technology, and you want to provide a solution to a real human need. When you do what you love, the money and success flows to you because it’s not just work; it’s a mission.


*Mentally Floss Daily: Just like you floss daily to save your teeth, work daily to improve your knowledge about business and the topics you are passionate about. Listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, read blogs about the things that interest and fascinate you. Find a mentor—online or off—who can inspire your entrepreneurial desires and provide advice on what to do (and not do) in business—saving you a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money in the process.



*Start Now: Many people think a long time about starting their own business, but never do so. The key is to begin today and take a small action toward your entrepreneurial goal. You can start an ecommerce store, be an influencer on social media, or write a blog. Instead of trying to have the perfect business plan before you start, decide that you will take steps to start your business today and learn as you go. In this way, you generate momentum that will take you to the next step.


*Believe You Can Have What You Want: An optimistic and positive attitude is a must for entrepreneurs. Pick a motivational phrase or motto that you can put on your bathroom wall and recite it to yourself daily, perhaps something like “Live Fast and Die Old.” In other words, don’t delay your success and happiness—go for what you want now and keep doing it as long as you can.


Here’s the bottom line for entrepreneurs who want to change the world and help humanity: There is no failure in trying; there is only failure in not trying. Decide that you will aim for success and give your business ideas your best shot. Create the ideal business structure, raise money, and hire the right people to get your business off the ground. As you do this, you may be surprised at how far you can go in realizing your entrepreneurial and personal dreams.


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