“You are more than pretty feet,” says Love Expert Tinzley Bradford.  Working with women who truly want love, Tinzley says women need to stop settling for less than they want, and by doing so, they will receive the love and respect from men that fosters great relationships.

Here is some no-nonsense advice to women who are seeking long-term, fulfilling relationships:

1.    Be skeptical with guys you just meet who are dating other women and just “want to be friends.” They may have an ulterior motive, i.e. sex and convenience.  Look for men who truly want to commit.

2.   Treat yourself with care and approval.  If you don’t love you, it will be hard for someone else to love you.

3.   Focus on your blessings instead of your shortcomings.  Stop putting yourself down and be grateful for the good things in your life (family, friends, career, talents, faith).

4.   Look for the love of the friendship before you look for the love of the relationship. Friends first, lovers forever is a great motto to follow. The spiritual depth of your friendship with a man is what will determine the success of your long-term relationship with him.  

5.   Be open to “being single for the rest of your life.” It doesn’t have to happen that way, but by being your best self—without needing a man—you free yourself to be the most beautiful and attractive woman you can be.  By being your truest self first, you will then attract the ideal man for you.

A lack of self-esteem is at the core of women (and men) who settle for less in life.  It is said that life gives you what you ask of it.  If you ask for the most and best possible, you will receive it—if you put in the work and keep your priorities straight—on the higher picture of life (i.e. God, family, love, and helping others).  Once you reclaim your Queenhood, in the emotional and spiritual sense, you will naturally resonate and harmonize with the Kingly man in your life—a man of integrity, courage, love, and compassion.

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