We just did the show of the decade with Neale Donald Walsch, modern day spiritual messenger, and NY Times bestselling author of Conversations with God, over two-and-a-half years on the bestseller list. In our times of turmoil and fear, Donald was gracious and loving in his answers as he taught us what God taught him: We are loved and can live joyfully, despite the circumstances. Here are some nuggets of wisdom we learned from the show:


*We’re spiritual beings having a physical body experience. When we’re tempted to feel angry at our partner, or sad about a setback, we can ask ourselves: “What does my reaction have to do with my soul agenda?” and “What would I do from my highest self?” Quickly, we see that our life has greater meaning than a momentary dispute or setback: We are souls in human clothes and our mission is to spread love and goodness in the world.

*Ask with Gratitude. God has one word in God’s vocabulary: “Yes.” When you ask for something, ask as if you are grateful for already receiving it (love, money, health, happiness), and God’s answer will be “Yes.” You will be asking from a prosperity mentality instead of one of lack, and you will receive what you already have (abundance).

*We are One: When Neale was homeless and suicidal at 50 years of age, he asked God for answers. God replied: “Your life is not about you; it’s about the people you touch.” Neale tells us that we can ask ourselves the question: “Is there anything going on over there that is happening here with me?” In this way, we can develop empathy—the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of another. As we are all now in the same position worldwide—isolated from our loved ones and treasured activities; worried about our health and finances—we recognize that we are all one. As humans, we share the same fears, doubts, joys, pleasures, and love for ourselves, our loved ones, and our Higher Nature. The more we recognize this unity of thought and spirit the more we can heal ourselves and the world.


According to Neale, we are all having conversations with God, although we may not always recognize or apply God’s wisdom (our intuition, genius, or hidden inner voice). During the current world crisis of isolation and fear, Neale’s message from God is enlightening and uplifting:  We are loved, we can love, and we can be love. All we have to do is recognize our true authenticity as divine creations of a higher source. Our mission: to spread love and leave a lasting legacy of goodness on earth.

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