We had the pleasure of having my friend, Claudia Duran, uber luxury matchmaker, on Love University. Claudia has put together a fabulous free program called the Modern Dating Movement, in which she interviews the top 21 relationships experts in the world to teach people how to find and keep love in our high-tech, fast-moving world.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom we learned from Claudia and her Modern Day movement, now available, FREE (including gifts) at tinyurl.com/y3f8cef2.

The Problem With Singles Today: We’re so digitally connected that we’ve become lazy and want instant gratification. Old school ways of dating—working through relationship issues; being more open and vulnerable—have turned into branding and trying to put on an image of what we think others want to see.

Be Authentic: The key to true love and connection is to recapture and exude your authenticity as a human being and dating/love partner.  Wear what makes you feel sexy and attractive; go to meetings and events that resonate with your true interests. Resolve to express your true nature to everyone you meet and you will naturally attract the one who resonates with the true you.

Slow Down and Find Your Ideal LoveType: The speed dating plan—apps and technology—is not necessarily the right approach because singles get to know each other superficially and quickly—once the initial attraction fades, the relationship may go nowhere. Find out your true personality style and the person who resonates best with you (take the LoveType quiz at lovetype.com), and aim for a lasting relationship that builds over time.

Add Kindness to Your Beauty Regimen: Many people want to find an attractive partner yet beauty is variable depending on the person. One of the most attractive things in a person are their inner traits: humility, kindness, and patience. Strive to develop these inner traits and you will be more attractive to yourself and others.

The Masculine and Feminine Blend: In Eastern philosophy, Ying is the receptive and feminine energy; Yang is the masculine and take-charge energy. Some women have more Yang; some men have more Ying. The key is to find someone who resonates with your own Ying-Yang style and your desires. Two Yangs—strong energies—can do well if they take turns wielding the power. A Ying male and a Yang female can work things out if they respect each other’s style. The key is respect and acceptance (of your self and your partner).

Combining Love and Business: Yes, it is possible to find a soul mate and build a business and humanitarian empire at the same time. Some examples of couples who have successfully combined love and business include Grant and Elena Cardone (real estate and education), Bill and Melinda Gates (technology and philanthropy), and Sara Blakely (Spanx) and Jesse Itzler (owner Atlanta Hawks NBA team). The key is to be clear about your goals and your desire to build a legacy with your entrepreneurial love partner that will help people and last beyond your time together on earth.

Yes, it is possible to create an amazing and beautiful lasting love connection in our frenzied technology-obsessed “selfie” world. Whether your goal is marriage or a loving partner, you can achieve this by tapping into your true authenticity and connecting with the person who resonates with your inner nature.

To receive your free gifts and videos from the Modern Dating Movement, click on to tinyurl.com/y3f8cef2



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