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The Laws of Likeability: How To Win Friends And Get The Results You Want, With Special Guest: Forbes’ Top Rated Networker, Michelle Tillis Lederman

January 4, 2019

Do you want to win friends and influence people in the new millennium? Now there’s a way to increase your likeability factor and get the results you want. 


Everyone wants to work with, and do business with, someone they like.  There are Laws of Likeability that can help you connect with people better and achieve your goals while helping other people achieve their’s.  To be Likeable means that people like being around you and there is a sense of trust and ease of conversation.


Here are some of the Laws of Likeability, courtesy of our friend of Love University (and guest), Forbe’s top negotiator, Michelle Tillis Lederman:


*Like Yourself First:  Before others can like you, you need to like yourself. Mentally focus on your positive and pleasing qualities. Maybe you’re compassionate, witty, or have a great sense of humor. Whatever talent you have, focus on developing them and sharing them with others.


*Law of Curiosity: Be genuinely interested in other people. Ask them questions about their dreams, goals, and accomplishments.  People like someone who is genuinely interested in them.  The more you want to know about them, the more they will want to know about you and what you desire in life.


*Law of Reflective Listening:  When you listen to other people, listen attentively and repeat back some of what they say to you.  If they say, “I had a tough day at work,” you can say, “Work can be pretty tough, sometimes.” As long as you are sincere, reflective listening shows the person that you genuinely care about what they’re going through.


*Law of Similarity:  People like those who they feel are similar to them. When you talk to someone, accentuate your similarities. Maybe, you both went to the same school, or you like the same hobby or food.  Ask questions and seek to establish common conversational ground to increase your likeability and connect better with others.  


*Law of Cheerful Giving:  People love those who are generous and give from an open heart. Make it a habit to help others without expecting anything in return. Help a homeless person, volunteer at church, give to charity. Help a coworker, listen to a friend, do a favor for a business associate. When you give with a sense of love and generosity, you will not only increase your likeability, but also the likelihood that other people (or the Universe) will return the favor back to you.

If you practice these Laws of Likeability, you will attract good people into your life and prosper in your career or business. You will also help more people along the way and have a great time in the process.